After more than two decades as an award-winning psychologist, a bestselling author and a beloved media personality, Dr. T is stepping into her prodigal destiny as the world’s preeminent intentional conditioning expert. 

From an extraordinarily young age, Dr. T had an innate ability to understand others and the world around her at a very deep level. She was raised in a challenging environment, born to two loving yet flawed teenage parents. As she observed their emotional and often argumentative interactions, she knew instinctively what the issue was:

They were


to live this way.

And, just as simply,


choose a


Unfortunately, this truth never became clear for her parents. Watching their struggles, and the struggles of everyone around her, Dr. T quickly became the stabilizing force of her family and peer group. Even as a child, and then a teenager, people around her recognized her prodigal wisdom and drew close to her as their sounding board.

Despite the challenges at home, Dr. T’s father instilled in her a superb drive to excellence, and a belief that anything is possible with intentional self-mastery. This belief became evident in all areas of her life, from relationships to athletics to her eventual flourishing career as a psychologist.

a born


Dr. T was born to be a leader. A collegiate basketball star, she was always chosen to be captain of the team, spurring her peers on toward greatness. She excelled in the classroom, and by 21 had earned the first of three degrees. By age 23, she was managing a team of 30 people at a high-profile corporate firm in Manhattan and had purchased her third home.

she was


creating her reality

each and every day,

and she was reaping


rewards from it.

Though she continued to earn promotions and accolades at her corporate career,

she knew she was


for a


As had been true in her childhood, peers at work sought her wisdom and insights about deeply personal and pivotal issues. Answering the call that had been bubbling beneath the surface all her life, Dr. T devoted herself to the field of psychology.

As soon as she earned her PhD, Dr. T said goodbye to the corporate world and began serving her community as a licensed clinical psychologist at one of the most exclusive luxury treatment centers in the world. She flourished there, working with celebrities, A-listers, executives and sports stars, helping people overcome their internal challenges with precise intentionality.

Dr. T went on to establish multiple successful private practice clinics and developed a proprietary transformation program. She authored two bestselling books and has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including the prestigious TED Talk program, Page Six, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Shape, Redbook, CBS, Yahoo Finance, Livestrong, Huffington Post and many more.

Each milestone of Dr. T’s journey, from her youngest years onward, has been leading her here, to her prodigal calling:

Today, Dr. T claims her inevitable position as the innovative founder and reality creator of the world’s premier intentional conditioning company.

She is leading a team of literal dynasty-makers on a reality-shifting ascension to a world of infinite possibilities.

Under her peerless leadership, The Empire Team creates with global political leaders, royalty, A-list celebrities, and other world-shapers, conditioning them to embrace and achieve their highest, most intentional identity.

Using her decades of experience as a world-renowned psychologist and embracing her lifelong prodigal calling to leadership, Dr. T stewards iconic industry leaders into an entirely new reality — one that represents their true, highest purpose on earth.

This new,




the more AUDACIOUS


EVERYTHING is possible with The Empire Company



a multi-generational family


an elusive



Any reality can be chosen and achieved with Dr. T’s 100% immersive intentional conditioning method.

This same MogulMaker™ methodology has earned her clients

billion-dollar IPOs,

luxury real estate empires,

extreme prominence and influence,

and so much more.

I always get a feeling when someone is living in their area of giftedness and my interactions with you from the beginning was,

‘Wow, this woman is living in the channel of her full purpose. That’s why she’s on the planet’.

– Dr. Kellie Kirksey

Psychologist and Author of “Word Medicine.: Affirmations and Poems To Inspire And Support Our Journey.”

Dr. T’s Method has changed my life and the way I do business.

Her Method is so powerful and easy to apply that I’m now using it to get the best results for all of my clients. I’m incredibly grateful.

– Dr. Dayle Lattie, Psy.D.

No matter how successful my career has been before meeting Dr. T there was a feeling of climbing an uphill battle that I could never win.

Since receiving Dr. T’s mogul training and learning to become intentional in all things, my career and my life are on a whole new trajectory.

– Eric McNeill

Geospatial Executive


Creating with The Empire Company is unlike any other experience in the world.

Dr. T and her team equip the greatest experts, performers, innovators and leaders on the planet with precise action steps that transform them as individuals, while also imbuing their families, teams, and boards with new purpose.

At its core, The Empire Company builds new worlds, ushering elite, driven individuals like you into your highest calling. In doing so, you are elevating not only yourself, but also the entirety of the human experience. People cannot help but be influenced by and in awe of you when you embody your new reality.

When you partner with The Empire Team, you are fully immersed into your new, chosen reality. It touches every last side of your life, every corner of your existence. Everything in and around your life becomes expanded to match your exact vision. You are so fully enveloped inside your new identity that there is no chance of avoiding this transformation.

All traces of your old life melt away, replaced by the totally elevated, astounding destination you once only dreamed of.

Now, it’s here. You have arrived.

Are you

ready to have


what you want


yours for


Dr. T’s leadership is truly magnetic and transformative.

– Shawn Harper

Founder and Ceo of Shawn Speaks and Author of “The Winning Edge”

Give yourself the gift of creating with Dr. T. Her methodology really does put into place the permanent capacity to change anything.

– Pamela Geist

Founder and Ceo of Technical Excellence Global

Dr. Tracy is a truly gifted leader. Her strategic guidance is off-the-charts insightful.

– Julian Griffith

Professional Athlete

Dr. T is someone you want to meet. I trust her implicitly and she’s helped me make my life infinitely better than it was before.

The compassion, honesty, insight, and direction she gives is incredibly valuable. She cares deeply about helping people enjoy their lives , build their empire and fulfill their destinies and best of all she knows exactly how to get them there. She is a game-changing individual. I wish everyone could create with her.

– John Feinstein

NY Times Best Selling Author

Dr. T’s expertise and leadership in psychology and the science of self improvement is among the best in the world that I’ve ever seen.

– Dr. Charlyn Belluzo M.D. Ph.D, ScD, MBA  

Internationally Recognized Global Health Expert, Director at XRapid Group, Science Advisor at Nulastin, Global Public Health Director, Board Member at Onkai Inc. and Ceres Labs, and Founder and Ceo of Bellos Cavalos Equine Experiential Organization