Dr. T is the world’s preeminent intentional conditioning expert. As the founder and head reality creator at The Empire Company, she weaves literal new worlds into existence for her elite clients with her signature MogulMaker Effect™.

Dr. T creates realities with global leaders, A-list celebrities, royalty and other world shaping personalities in a wholly immersive, fully transformative conditioning process.


The Empire Team realizes seemingly
impossible realities each and every day.




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Dr. T has conditioned new realities for her exclusive clients. She is a literal MogulMaker™, guiding once-average real estate professionals to fulfill their dream of heading a luxury real estate empire. Her expert methodology has pushed her elite pro athlete clients to finally win the championship rings and gold medals they’ve been chasing their entire lives.

Not through luck, or even hard work… but with a precise, intentional conditioning of an entire reality.

Dr. T is known for her unparalleled ability to usher in comprehensive, cellular-level change that makes literal dreams come true for her clients.

Her powerful and bespoke presence is a testimony all its own. Dr. T lives every moment of every day inside the luxurious, opulent life she has chosen and created for herself.

Anything is possible with intentionality. Dr. T and The Empire Team provide the precise pathway to bring your strongest desires to life.

As a captivating and influential thought leader and speaker, Dr. T has been featured in numerous publications and media outlets globally. She has been featured in Forbes, the prestigious TED Talk program, Business Insider, Page Six, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Shape, Redbook, CBS, Yahoo Finance, Livestrong, Huffington Post and many more.









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Dr. T is a highly-sought after, impactful keynote speaker for high-caliber executive retreats, corporations, associations and conferences. She is a media favorite, appearing on countless podcasts, television shows and as a featured source in global publications.

 Dr. T has spoken on stages around the world, each time proving that her magnetism and impact are undeniable. She has an extraordinary ability to connect with her audience, opening their eyes to a whole new world of limitless possibilities.

Dr. T’s lived experiences and her clients’ success stories will inspire, delight and intrigue audience members on a whole new level — causing them to dream big in new, world-changing ways.

Dr. T has all the answers to the world’s most difficult questions.

The world would be a better place if we just put Dr. T on a stage and everyone got to ask her questions about what it takes to be a high performance person and let her riff.

– Suzanne Boothby

NY Times Best Selling Ghost Writer and Executive Editor of The Brockovich Report

Dr. Tracy is a catalyst for life transformation on many levels. Once you meet her you will want to get real, get into action, and go for the life you’ve always wanted.

– Melissa Heideman

Mrs. Colorado International

Signature Topics

While Dr. T is an expert on all aspects of human conditioning and intentionality, these are the most commonly requested topics for interviews, media appearances, and keynote speaking opportunities.

How global leaders, actors

& industry unicorns condition their mindset for success

The proven technique

moguls rely on to realize big visions

How to identify a child prodigy

and what’s needed to nurture their talent

How serial entrepreneurs can thrive

to their fullest potential in all areas of their lives

Stepping into a new reality

with wealth and success beyond measure

How athletes can condition

their mindset to achieve any goal they desire

Creating a family dynasty

and materializing your new reality

How to mentally prepare

to exit your company with grace and ease

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Dr. Tracy Thomas is represented by Icons Incorporated.
Her team can be contacted at connect@theempirecompany.com 

Most of us want to be great-truly great-in life, love and legacy. By making a commitment with yourself to operate at your top level, Dr. Tracy Thomas can help you make it happen.

– Robinson Smith

Founder and Ceo of The Smith Maneuver, Renowned Canadian Financial Expert, and bestselling author of Master Your Mortgage For Financial Freedom.

If you’re looking to optimize your wealth and success, the strategies Dr. T provides you a way to do it, minus all the stress. Dr. T is the best in the world at helping people build the intentional strength they need to succeed.

– AJ Mihzrad

Ceo and Founder of Online Super Coach and Bestselling Author of “The Mind Body Solution- Train Your Brain For Permanent Weight Loss.