Dr. T’s Reality Creator Protocol profoundly changes every corner of her clients’ lives and businesses, resulting in unbelievable growth, wealth, fulfillment and joy.

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Incredible Stories

Collaborating with Dr. T was essential to the growth of our empire. We couldn’t have gotten this far without her help.

— John Sviokla

Innovative Executive Leader, Author of “The Self-Made Billionaire Effect: How Extreme Producers Create Massive Value”

Dr. T catapulted the greatest changes in my life. I am truly a healthier, wealthier, more successful, and stronger leader because of what I’ve done with her.

Do whatever you need to do to be able to create with Dr. T. She will not only rock your business, she will rock your entire world. 

— Carla Blumenthal

Executive Coach and Leadership Expert

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Dr. T secured the future of our family legacy.

Collaborating with her radically improved the performance of our business and optimized the way we operate as a family

— Tom Flood

Real Estate Developer

Dr. T helps people enjoy their lives , build business empires, and fulfill their destinies.

Dr T is a true game-changer, I wish everyone could create with her.

— John Feinstein

NY Times Best Selling Author

Dr. T is a catalyst for life transformation on many levels.

Dr. T helped me dismantle a life that wasn’t working for me and rebuild my life into the beautiful one I have today – rich with purpose that fulfills me.

— Melissa Heideman

Mrs. Colorado International

Having Dr. T involved in our business increased our success rates exponentially. She’s a genius at changing lives.

— Leo VanWarmerdam

Founder and Ceo, Basle LLC

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Most of us want to be great - truly great-in life, love and legacy. Dr. T will help you make it happen.

— Robinson Smith

Founder and Ceo, The Smith Maneuver, Financial Expert, Author of “Master Your Mortgage For Financial Freedom”

Dr. T is a true visionary leader

The health of our planet and the future of humanity is riding on the effort that Dr. T is doing, as she empowers and coaches compassionate and strategic leaders to change the world. I’m living a life I’d only ever dreamed of before. I feel honored to have had the gift of her time, and her profoundly powerful method!

— Stephanie Bogue

Founder and Ceo, Wild Moon Studio and CoFounder, Unifestco Events

Dr. T is an exceptionally talented advisor who coaches her clients to a level of success that has rarely been, if ever, been seen.


Creating with her, clients find their real purpose and full potential manifested into reality.

— Dr. Adriana Popescu

Ph.D. Energy Psychologist, Author of “Conscious Being” and “Conscious Recovery.”

Dr. T is a truly gifted leader.

Her strategic guidance is off-the-charts insightful.

— Julian Griffith

Professional Athlete and Actor

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Dr. T’s expertise and leadership in psychology and the science of self improvement is among the best in the world that I’ve ever seen.

— Dr. Charlyn Belluzo

M.D. Ph.D, ScD, MBA, Internationally Recognized Global Health Expert

Dr. T is one of a kind. Her capacity for making things happen is mesmerizing, wonderful, and otherworldly.

— Leanna Grechulik

Bestselling Author

I was very clear about what I wanted my life to be, I just had no idea how to make it happen.

Creating with Dr. T gave me a clear roadmap to success – there’s nothing that stops me from meeting my goals anymore.

— Matt Beck

Founder and Ceo, Beck Investments

Consulting with Dr. T allowed me to create a previously unthinkable amount of wealth.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. T for anybody who wants to create a better life for themselves. She is dynamic, intuitive, and incredibly smart. She isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and she makes the process of growth feel so genuine and safe, not to mention, a lot of fun to boot!

— Rita Smith J.D.

Litigation Attorney

Dr. T reveals how to create a life of intentional design, with her you can truly have everything you ever wanted.

— Selena Soo

Founder and Ceo, Impacting Millions

No matter how successful my career was, there remained a feeling of climbing an uphill battle that I could never win.

That all changed with Dr. T’s mogul training – my career and my life are on a whole new level.

— Eric McNeill

Geospatial Executive

Creating with Dr. T allowed me to experience a profound transformation in a short amount of time.

She’s brought joy, purpose and confidence into my life. I’m making six figures even as I enjoy a flexible schedule, allowing me to be present and attentive with my children, which is priceless!

— Erica Patino


The tools Dr. T provides a dramatic shift in every area of your life - optimizing everything from health to wealth.

— Dr. Kyrin Dunston M.D.

Founder and Ceo, the Hormone Club and Midlife Metabolism Institute

For anyone who wants to become a mogul of an empire, look no further than The Empire Company

— Kelly Cort

Founder and Ceo, The Home Cort Advantage, Nationwide Lending Expert and Real Estate Investor



is within

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For anyone who wants to become a mogul of an empire, look no further than The Empire Company

— Kelly Cort

Founder and Ceo, The Home Cort Advantage, Nationwide Lending Expert and Real Estate Investor

Working with Dr. T is the best investment I’ve ever made

— Dr. Neyisha Dewitt

Founder and Ceo, Oakland Natives Give Back, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Writer, Educator, Philanthropist